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S.No. Tender No Tender Title [English] Department Category Action
1. EESL/06/IE3Motors-ICB/192004001 Design, Manufacture, Testing and Supply of IE3 Mot... EESL Works
2. EESL/06/ICB-Elec-Charger-EV/181903047 Location survey, Planning, Supply, Installation &a... EESL Works
3. EESL/06/ICB-AC/181903046 Design, Manufacture, Testing, Supply, Installation... EESL Works
4. EESL/06/Solar Study Lamp-25 Lakh PAN INDIA/181903044 Manufacture, Supply & Distribution of 25 Lakhs... EESL Services
5. EESL/2018-19/ICB/Phase-II/SLNP-181902039 Design, Manufacture, Testing, Supply & 7 years... EESL Works
Important Notice

Tender No. EESL/06/2016-17/UJALA-TUBE LIGHTs /1617015 dated 14.06.2016 with Tender Id - 1260 is now migrated on Tender Id - 1270, Bidders who wish to participate should submit their bids in Tender Id – 1270 in place of Tender Id -1260.